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Our Story

The Daily Grind Espresso was founded in Pullman, WA, in 1995, and The Coffee House opened in 1999. The current owners purchased the business in 2013 and dubbed it Daily Grind.

What Makes Us Different

Daily Grind not only offers high-quality, fresh coffee. Our menu includes a variety of drinks, including your favorite teas! In fact, we have Love’s Kombucha on tap for you tea-drinkers. Hungry? Every day we offer flavorful dishes that are not only yummy, but they’re also healthy! Our vegan dishes are truly inspired. Every order, from baked goods to burritos, is homemade in-house with fresh ingredients. Did we mention our ice cream selection? Come in for our cold brew soft serve or another tasty flavor!

We are the only café in town that’s alcohol-free. College students, kids, and families are all welcome. We love being the premier hangout for non-college students on school half-days.

Daily Grind offers the largest seating area of any of the cafés in the Palouse. Our enclosed courtyard for outdoor seating features a fireplace to warm you on cooler days, and our conference room is available to reserve for events at no charge.

Coffee Is Good for You

Johns Hopkins University, the foremost research university in the US, conducted studies that found that there are benefits to your daily cup of joe! Drinking one to two cups of coffee daily makes you less likely to develop heart failure. It can also lower your risk of developing Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s, colon cancer, and stroke. Dark roast coffee lovers, your beverage of choice actually decreases breakage in DNA strands! The antioxidants and other elements found in coffee may offer health benefits, but that doesn’t mean more is better. A moderate intake of delicious coffee (from Daily Grind, of course) may just do your body good!
Coffee Health Benefits - Pullman, WA
WiFi is always free at Daily Grind. Call 509-334-3380 or contact us to get your healthy meal or snack with a steaming mug of coffee today.


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